It's fair to say that the pandemic has forever changed the way people work. These days, workforces are distributed across cities and beyond, which places new pressure on long-established network architectures designed in a time when most users were clustered in the same office.

That’s why continuous access to a reliable, robust and resilient network has become critical to maintaining business continuity.

Somerville has teamed up with industry thought leaders and our vendor partners and developed the Whitepaper "A New Network for a New Era - How to Build Resilience into your Connected Infrastructure." It explores:

  • the changing requirements in this ‘next the normal’

  • the drivers for change and addressing network legacy challenges

  • the way new network technologies are giving businesses the resilience to meet the challenges of tomorrow


Learn how to build resilience into your connected infrastructure

Network Resilience Infographic


Can you guess the cloud services that enterprises are directly connecting their WAN to? Or, what the key enablers of network resiliency are? Learn the trends and challenges of network resilience in this neat little infographic.

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Building resilience into connected infrastructure

A resilient business is one that solves for the future, avoiding one-size-fits-all services and opting for unique, fit-for-purpose solutions.

With nearly 40 years’ experience in providing internet services, Somerville is an end-to-end IT specialist, providing high performance flexible solutions, tailor-made for your organisation’s needs today; and scalable for the challenges of tomorrow.

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